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Eddy Kerr


During the past 16 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Eddy has focused on transforming the industry’s approach to building relations with external stakeholders, including clinical and non-clinical opinion leaders, patient groups and professional societies. His successes have been recognised at a regional and global level by peers and customers alike at Roche, MSD and Procter and Gamble. At Roche, his development of his role of Specialty Care Relations Leader led to it’s recognition as the company’s ‘gold standard.’ His skills and tenacity ensured the success of numerous projects including MSD’s world renowned ‘Glasgow Fracture Liaison Preceptorship Programme’.

Eddy’s experience, insights and excellent project management skills add significant value to our team.

You can contact Eddy on:

e: eddy@pi-healthcare.com
dd: (+44) 7769 672791

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