Pi Healthcare

Partnership infrastructure

Your internal procedures, organisational structures and communication impacts on the effectiveness of your interactions with your stakeholders. In this highly competitive and regulated environment, getting the infrastructure right is critical. Our position as the ‘go-to’ experts for stakeholder strategy means we are perfectly positioned to provide strategic advice on infrastructure changes and organisational remodelling to ensure compliance and boost your position as the partner of choice for your stakeholders.

SOPs and Governance
We understand the global compliance issues and work within internal rules and external regulations and offer support and delivery of the required SOPs.

Patient/Professional Organisations
How to partner successfully with patient organisations & NGO’s and develop strong ethical partnerships.

Role Definition
We offer expert advice in defining the role and responsibility of Stakeholder Relations roles including job description, relevant competencies, metrics and performance management.

Stakeholder Databases
Our experience of using and developing these products puts us in an excellent position to help our clients make decisions about which system to choose or how to develop one specific to your needs.

Corporate Communications
Development of communication plans including Corporate Value Proposition slide kit.

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