Pi Healthcare

Planning & implementation

From the implementation of an individual stakeholder plan through to a product lifecycle plan, Pi Healthcare’s creative and forward thinking approach to strategy development and implementation ensures a robust platform from which to launch all your strategic business plans. We help companies shift thinking, drive adoption of new products and treatment strategies; and ultimately, achieve lasting business success.

Stakeholder Planning and Engagement
Individual bespoke engagement plans and tactics aligned to your business strategy.

Stakeholder Loyalty Programmes
Designed to help you strategically manage your stakeholder engagement whatever the stage of your product’s lifecycle.

Strategic Business Plans
How to sharpen strategy and do everything better.

Lifecycle Planning
Stakeholder strategies to take you from the pre-clinical to post marketing stages of the lifecycle.

Issues Management
Who would you go to and why?

Market Access Plans
To accelerate access to product.

Advisory Boards
Identification of attendees and effective management. Gather information and insights through face-to-face interactions with your stakeholders and KOLs.

Congress Planning
Detailed pre congress planning of KOL interactions, onsite support and post congress follow up of interactions and outcomes.

Consensus Guidelines Development
What’s out there and how do you shape it?

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