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Powerful insights

This is all about understanding what is going on in your therapy/disease area: your position within it and that of your competitors. From stakeholder identification and mapping to benchmarking, these powerful insights will help you validate and understand your stakeholders and KOLs, ensuring you engage with these communities to maximum effect and influence what comes next.

Stakeholder Identification and Mapping
Expansive and rigorous approach to identifying all influential individuals including KOLs, patient groups, payers, regulators, professional organisations, policy advisors, media, etc.

Internal/External Stakeholder Benchmarking
What do you do well, what could you do better?

Environment Mapping
Understanding the healthcare environment and the impact of national health policy.

Competitive Intelligence
The latest and most up to date information on clinical trials, drug attributes, market intelligence and pipeline potential.

Transformational Map
Gap analysis and solutions.

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